Animalia painting series Make me sober, flamingo! - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 32,3x11,8 / 82x30 cm

Debtor to the world of communication and advertising, the work of Lorenzo Marabini, has its strength in provocation and in the paradox that takes advantage of a misunderstanding, to provoke reactions so immediate as to be perceived by the skin...
(Rivers of AIR - Art Industry Recycling, Italy - curators Tobia Donà and Beatrice Buscaroli)

© Lorenzo Marabini Lemonade Wall


Animalia painting series And the world is like an apple - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 19,7x48,4 / 50x123 cm
Animalia painting series Youre Magic - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 19,7x48,4 / 50x123 cm
Animalia painting series timBALLO di ANATRA all'ARANCIA (dancingduck with orange sauce) - acrylic 118,1x92,5 in / 300x235 cm

"A laugh is the leap of the possible into the impossible" - George Bataille

In the series of diptychs "Animalia" the viewer is called to have a "dialogue" with the works, absorbed in an experience of creative composition of separate and different elements.

It is like a see difference experience involving interpersonal relationships.

"Animalia" series is inclusive, but it could be considered a game: it puts the differences (among individuals, individuals and animals..) aside and leads to a smile. Metaphorically and ironically "Animalia" deals with the relationship with the other by itself. It is a look at nature, then at animals and at undefined identity of contemporary human beings (ideas, tastes, gender, post-and trans-human body ..) "Animalia" is timeless: it is the past, the present and the future. It underlines the relationship of interdependence and necessary sustainable coexistence between all living beings on Earth, regardless of species and mankind (and gender) in an unfinished series of spatial juxtapositions and temporal contractions.

Finally, I believe Art should not necessarily have a purpose (ethical, social, etc..), it can simply amuse.

But, the funny I believe sometimes leads to freedom ..!

- Lorenzo Marabini

Animalia painting series Chela dOrata - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 / 245x80 cm
Animalia painting series Dancing Sardine - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 in / 245x80 cm
Animalia painting series Il Quaniglio - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 40,5x23,6 in / 103x60 cm
In the most strictly content aspect, in the Animalia series it ispresent then the Nature, the Man is present, above all the Animals are present: a timeless theme since the birth of the painting itself, from the cave paintings onwards, just to remind us of the relationship of interdependence and necessary coexistence between all living beings on Land.

In Animalia then "monstrous" and fantastic combinations emerge that have something mythological. Thus Iosif Brodsky speaks of such creatures:

«And the object can be a little monster, with the head of a lion and the body of a dolphin. The second would dart, the first would open its jaws. It could adorn an entrance or simply splash out of a wall without any apparent purpose. The absence of any purpose would make it strangely recognizable. When a certain kind of work is done, and it reaches a certain age, nothing is as recognizable as the absence of any purpose. The same applies to a combination of two or more attributes, characteristic signs, properties - not to mention the sexes. On the whole, all these nightmare creatures - dragons, griffins, basilisks, sphinxes with a female breast, winged lions, cerberi, minotaurs, centaurs, chimeras - that come to us from mythology (which would have full right to the title of classical surrealism) are self-portraits of man, in the sense that they denote the genetic memory of his evolution. No wonder they abound here in this city born of water. And there is nothing Freudian in them, nothing sub-or unconscious. Given the nature of human reality, the interpretation of dreams is a tautology, and at most it could be justified only by the proportion between daylight and night darkness ... »

- from "Fondamenta degli incurabili" (Watermark: an essay on Venice, Italy), Iosif Brodskij

Animalia painting series by Lorenzo Marabini Rosso Profondo (deep red) - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 in / 245x80 cm
Animalia painting series Gambero Rotto (broken prawn) - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 in / 245x80 cm
Animalia painting series Vacca Boia (scoundrel cow) - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 in / 245x80 cm
Animalia painting series Lumacone Romagnolo - acrylic on canvas (diptych) 96,4x31,5 in / 245x80 cm

"Lorenzo Marabini, pittore scambista" (Lorenzo Marabini, free swinger)
by Tobia Donà

M‛culloch, John Ramsay (1789), statistician and economist, was a free swinger. Oppenheim, Heinrich Bernhard (1819), lecturer and political refugee, was deputy and free swinger. Prince-Smith, John (1809), member of the Prussian Chamber of Deputies, he was a free swinger. Devas, Charles Stanton (1848), he taught political economics at Stonyhurst College, fu free swinger. Neumann Spallart, Franz Xavier von (1837), economist estatistician, he was a free swinger. Hübner, Otto (1818), merchant andAustrian financier, he was a free swinger. Bowring Sir John (1792) politician, writer of politics and economics, he was a free swinger ..."

Re-inventing, give back soul. Represent again in a different way. Give body, make it true. And finally, mix everything, exchange it to notice and, console us, that all is well, everything works equally. Switcher convinced, because he intends to exchange a gesture "made with the aim of acquiring a good whose utility is judged superior to that of the good that is given in compensation", Lorenzo Marabini practices an art that is not a complaint, it is not boring protests, does not want to bring injustice to attention... conforming to the chorus of fashion that passes through indistinctly many international big names and novice artists. Lorenzo is practical, he is intelligent, he studied philosophy, communication and he has worked a lot in advertising, his work comes straight, as fast as a train at full speed, it shakes us and devastates us because we understand that everything has to be changed, and there are no certainties.

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